Landscapes are a central theme in my motifs.

Be it the human inner landscape and the emotions we carry, as well as the outer landscape and the beauty we are surrounded by.

My expression reflects a search for hope and peace of mind in contrasting surroundings, and is a reminder of the powerful light we all have within us and are surrounded by.

A message about the importance of an inner and outer life in balance, and seeing ourselves as a whole in a larger, complex landscape

Let's feel more.

The human contact and feelings between us, I think that is a great necessity for everyone. Both between those we know and those we don't know so well. The times we live in, where many feel a sense of not living in accordance with themselves, where the outside is not in balance with the inside. Perhaps art can bring us together, capture us in the moment and make us feel more?

Know yourself again.

I hope you can recognize yourself in the message I want to convey. Both for better and for worse. My pictures often have high contrasts and a lot of darkness. But, the light that is deliberately strong in the subject, I hope can inspire and open up the hope and love that is always present in ourselves, and in life. Perhaps my inner moments of presence and clarity can be a reminder to search within.